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Here are some of our favourite flavours, but you are welcome to ask for anything you wish.

We make all types of cakes: fondant decorated cakes, naked cakes, drip cakes and cupcakes.

We can also provide nut free and gluten free. Please contact us for more information.

Vegan Cake flavours:


* Vegan Vanilla Victoria Sponge Cake - Vanilla cake filled with home made raspberry jam and our signature vanilla pod "buttercream".

* Vegan Chocolate - Moist chocolate cake filled with chocolate ganache or "buttercream".
* Vegan Vanilla - Vanilla sponge cake filled with our signature vanilla pod "buttercream".

* Vegan Strawberry Champagne - Vanilla sponge cake soaked with Champagne syrup, filled with our signature vanilla pod "buttercream" and strawberry Champagne jam.

* Vegan Cookies and cream - Cookies and cream sponge cake filled with cookie "buttercream".

* Vegan Banana and vanilla - Banana sponge cake with vanilla pod "buttercream".

* Vegan Lemon and Raspberry cake - Lemon sponge cake with raspberry "buttercream".

Vegan Cupcake flavours:


* Vegan Vanilla - Vanilla cake with our signature vanilla pod "buttercream".

* Vegan Chocolate - Chocolate cake with chocolate "buttercream".

* Vegan Victoria Sponge - Vanilla cupcake, topped with our signature vanilla pod "buttercream" and filled with home made raspberry jam.

* Vegan Banana - A moist banana cake topped with vanilla "buttercream".

* Vegan Lemon - Lemon cake and lemon signature vanilla pod "buttercream".

* Vegan Strawberry Champagne - Vanilla cake filled with a strawberry compote and champagne "buttercream". 

* Vegan Cookies and cream - Vanilla sponge baked with an Oreo Cookie inside, topped with Oreo Crumble "buttercream".

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